The Tarzan Team


Fun Train, publishers of The Exorcist: Legion VR for PlayStation, Steam & Oculus Quest teams up with Stonepunk Studios, the creators of the indie hit Primordian to bring you Tarzan VR™, transporting players into the fantastic world of Tarzan created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

TARZAN VR™ is an episodic, single player game with carefully balanced elements of exploration, combat, athletics, creature interaction and natural wonder and is experienced as  multiple serialized comic-style issues to explore and conquer. Players can swing, climb, swim, and fight their way across five open world environments that each offer their own unique set of geographical landscapes and challenges. Additionally, players will have access to unique Tarzan “skills” such as Call of the Wild, Earth Vision and Fish Eye.

See the Comic Con Tarzan VR™ Announcement Trailer here.


From the producers that brought you The Exorcist: Legion VR


From the team of AAA veterans who brought you Primoridan

The Exorcist Legion’ is a MUST PLAY for anyone that considers themselves a fan of horror.
— Gamecrate
‘Primordian’ is a Sci-fi Melee Brawler With Serious Style!
— Road to VR
9/10 – Amazing! Few can measure up to the absolutely overwhelmingly intense sense of terror I experienced while playing ‘The Exorcist: Legion VR’.
— UploadVR
I can’t think of many people who would first enter ‘Primordian’ without an exclamation of wonder.
— VR The Gamers
The Exorcist: Legion VR is quite simply the scariest game on PlayStation VR; possibly the scariest game on PlayStation period.
— PlayStation Universe
‘the Exorcist Legion’ is one of the “Best Oculus Quest games” of 2018. Offers horror fans five episodes of nerve-fraying frights.
— Wearable
I’m not quite sure how Stonepunk Studios has done it, but Primordian just keeps getting better and better
— Upload VR